iPod Shuffle Night

iPod Shuffle Night is back!

It’s that time of the year: your first opportunity to show how great you look when you’re not covered in mud, sweat and, for some, tears.

The concept is simple: 1. Buy a song for $20 2. Show up 3. Win $500 if yours is the last song played.

Pay in cash to Emma Wilkinson or transfer to Boronia Soccer Club using “iPod” and your name as a reference. BSB: 633-000 Account: 15-056-5760

We’ve provided a list of suggested songs or you can choose your own, though we reserve the right to say no.

A couple of things to note: 1. Drinks at bar prices. 2. This is an 18+ event. 3. 100% of the profits from this event go to the soccer club. 4. Strictly no BYO. We’re not licensed for it and it’s kind of a dick move. 5. Steps will be taken to ensure this complies with Victorian gambling and liquor license regulations. Feel free to ask me how. 6. If you won’t be there, you’ll be limited to one song and, should you win, a portion of your prize will be used to buy a drink for the runner up.

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